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The cheap hotels in Oradea are located not only on the outskirts of the city. You can find cheap hotels in Oradea close the city center or the fortress. If you want to visit the nearby Baile Felix resort or the natural lily ponds, you can also look for cheap hotels in Oradea, the metropolitan area. The metropolitan area comprises the city of Oradea and 8 adjacent communes: Biharia, Bors, Cetariu, Nojorid, Osorhei, Paleu, Sînmartin, Santandrei. As we have seen, finding cheap hotels in Oradea can be an adventure. You will get to know the city’s attractions and experience the offerings of one of the most important economic, social and cultural centers of north-western Romania.

Be sure to book in advance and look at the reviews posted on the internet by people who have already visited the area. If you just happen to be passing through and find yourself in need of accommodation, there is a big change that you can end up in one of the cheap hotels in Oradea and have a great experience. Even the hostels welcome students all day long and organize pub crawls by the night – if that is something of interest. If it’s Sunday you may visit the big market “Obor”. The receptionists at any of the cheap hotels in Oradea can give you accurate address information on where to find it. There are all kinds of stuff to buy. It’s just a really big flea market. So don’t waste any more time, come and experience the city of “Nagyvarad”. Book one of the cheap hotels in Oradea and explore its uniqueness.

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